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            Great information about the formation of the modern 63d Tenn. and about reenacting in general

            Interested in joining the 63d Tennessee Volunteer Infantry?  Print the application and mail it to the Captain:  Capt. David Clinton, 835 Lake View Loop, Sevierville, TN  37876

            Organizational charter of the 63d Tennessee Volunteer Infantry

            This PDF file is a copy of the original resolution issued by then Governor Lamar Alexander, who is today a U.S. Senator, recognizing the modern 63d Tennessee as an official reenactment organization of the state of Tennessee.

            Instructions on creating paper cartridges or ammunition for the Confederate infantry soldier.

            Cut out pattern for cartridge papers.  Place a copy of the pattern on a small stack of cartridge papers (I use newsprint paper from a kid's doodle pad) and cut through the pieces to make several cartridge papers at once.

            Instructions for creating an "Arsenal Pack" with paper cartridges and caps.

            Cut out patterns for arsenal packs complete with period labels.